Friendship Club

Friday Friendship Group commenced in March 2012. We meet twice a month, on Friday mornings, once at the Club, with the other meeting being held at an outside venue.  

For the club meeting,  two members arrange morning tea for a cost of $2.00, $1.00 of which is given to the office to cover cost of tea/coffee/sugar/milk. A Raffle is run each time at the Club - $1.00 a number, the prize being $10.00 worth of Scratchies.

For the outside venue meeting, morning tea or lunch is organised.

Our Bus trip Friday 18th September with Wanadoo Tours and 22 members was most enjoyable. Heading off to Perth in perfect weather, we had morning tea at Wireless Hill, a very pleasant spot.  We were able to wander amongst the native wild flowers in a natural setting.  We then headed to Kings Park, had time to wander and view native flowers planted in displays of different parts of the state and trees dressed up for the Spring Festival and great views from all areas.

We boarded the bus for a drive through the Park to Roe Gardens where Kevin, our friendy bus driver, set up a picnic lunch (beautiful sandwiches and cake supplied by Sian and Kevin for a small cost) with a great view of the River and Park. On the way home we called into Thomas Le's, Thomas Road for fresh strawberries to purchase, then home by 3pm.  A good day had by all.

Our next event is back to the Club for morning Tea at on the 25th September.

Please add your names to the list for our next Bus trip for a Swan River Cruise on October 30th, finishing in Fremantle, cost $58, lunch not included. 

On Friday 9th October the Group has been invited to Mandurah Gardens Estate for Afternoon Tea and Fashion Parade by Kings Park Fashions. Be seated by1.15pm. Cost is $5.00  - raffles will be on sale.

Anyone wanting to be involved in our Group please contact Rose Stubberfield on 95861213 or Ruth Norwell 95827524

This year Rose Stubberfield has taken on the running of the Group, with Ruth’s help.

Ruth organizes the bus trips.

Back row: Les, Marlene M., Rose, Marlene G., Joyce, Evelyn, Val H.

Front row: Marg, Uta, Jean B., Val W., Ruth

Those having a sickie include Jean H., Allison, Ken, Mary, Dinny, Nell, Maureen.

The Group is always looking for new members and I can personally vouch for the morning tea.

Rose 9586 1213

Ruth 9582 7524