Club Championships

Club Championships are open to all 'Full Bowling' Club members. Club colours are required to be worn on the day. If you are competing, you may be required to mark for other competing players.

Events include:

       Ladies & Men's Championship Singles. (Ladies 15/22/25th February, 2018; Men's 18/25th February, 2018)

      Veteran Singles    (Ladies 5/12th October, 2017; Men's 4/5th February, 2018)

             4 bowls, 17 shots up.

       Ladies & Men's Novices Championship Singles  (Ladies TBA ; Men's 24/5th February, 2018)

4 bowls, 21 shots up. 

Ladies & Men's Championship Pairs (Ladies 2/9th November; Men's 14/15th October, 2017)

4 bowls, 2x2x2x2, 12 ends.

Ladies & Men's Championship Triples  ( Ladies18/25th January 2018; Men's 26th November & 3rd December, 2017)

2 bowls, 16 ends. 

Ladies & Men's Championship Fours   (Ladies 30th November, & 7th Decmber, 2017; Men's 11/18th March, 2018)

2 bowls, 14 ends. 

Mixed Championship Pairs   (12/19th November, 2017)

4 bowls, 2x2x2x2, 12 ends. 

Mixed Championship Fours  (Sunday 8th & 22nd October, 2017)

2 bowls, 14 ends. 



Refer to the 'Calendar' in this website for dates & times of the events. Decisions on the day by the Match Committee are final. Finals may be played extra shots up (Singles) or ends played, subject to Match Committee decision.




The Novice and Veterans’ Singles Championships were conducted on last Sunday and Monday with twenty eight players in the veterans’ event and two in the novice championship. Michael Bear and Stuart Anderson had a great tussle in the Novice Championship in a game that took more than two and a half hours to complete. After being locked at 19 shots apiece, Michael finally broke free by getting two shots in the final end. 

Novice Winner Michael Bear with Runner Up Stuart Anderson at the presentation.

The Championship Plate final followed that trend with Keith Fleming going head to head with Bob Irvine all through the contest. Keith eventually prevailed to win by the smallest of margins.

Plate Winner Keith Fleming with Captain Doug Myer.

Barrie Starbuck and Ron Summers already had some strong wins under their belts before meeting up in the Championship final and it was hard to predict who would be the ultimate winner. Spectators were not to be disappointed as Barrie and Ron put on a great display of competitive bowls. Ron amassed 20 shots by continually winning ends by a single shot. However Barrie persisted and kept himself in the game by pulling off some timely conversions. Ron had the game won in what proved to be the final end only to be thwarted by a massive Starbuck drive that clinched the victory.

Winner barrie Starbuck with Runner Up Ron Summers.


A disappionted Runner Up congratulating the Winner.

Captain Doug took  this opportunity to thank all of those members who gave their time to act as markers in these championships, especially the ladies who came to our rescue when we were faced with a lack of men volunteers. It was a terrific effort by Chris Starbuck, Lyn Plater, Coral Anning, Glen Terhoeve and Kerry Steele. Special thanks to Denny Berson and Mick O’Halloran for helping me to run this competition as well as acting as markers.




This event concluded on 25th January, after 16 teams had nominated.

The Winners were Kaye Sewell, Lyn Plater and Jackie Henry who played excellent bowls throughout the event.

The Winners.


The Runner Up team was Jenni Petty, Maureen Conduit and Glenice Carter.

The Plate went down to the wire, resulting in a one shot win to Shirley Mulcahy, Robyn Hutchison and Edith Trewren.








This event was concluded on the 7th December, after 15 teams had initially nominated. Once again competition was of high standard.

The eventual Winners were Julie Rowe, Margaret Gollan, Shirley Mulcahy and Judy Morgan.

Runners Up  were the team of Adel Librizzi, Kerry Steel, Di Steele and Janine Baker.

The Plate was won by Jeni Stretton, Lei Beattie, Jill Gumbleton and Patsy Smith. 

Well played everyone.



The Men’s Triples Championship was completed on Sunday 3rd December and it was won by Rod Gumbleton, Dennis Ashworth and Phil Preedy. They beat Barrie Starbuck, Murray McDonald and Brendan McDonald by a single shot in the Championship final. The last few ends were very tight and provided spectators with some exciting bowls. The Championship Plate winners were Noel Cunningham, Peter Brophy and Jeff Allen. They managed to overcome Gary McCarthy, Laurie Scanlan and Graham Steele.

The Winners, Dennis Ashworth, Phil Preedy & Rod Gumbleton.


The Runners Up Barry Starbuck, Brendan & Murray MacDonald.

Plate Winners Noel Cunningham, Jeff Allan & Peter Brophy.





The Mixed Pairs Championship was finalised on Sunday 19th November. Considering the  breezy conditions some excellent bowls were played on the Finals, in front of a large appreciative audiencre.

The Winners were team of Jeni Stretton and Peter nicolay, who got an early lead but were pegged back a bit, but held off Runners Up Sandra Mitchell and Bruce Walter to record the win.

Winners Peter Nicolay and Jeni Stretton.

 Runners Up Sandra Mitchell and Bruce Walter.


 The Plate was won by Kaye Sewell and Rod Johnson.




Completed on the 12th November, 2017 after a good field nominating, the Finals were played before an appreciative  audience who witnessed some good bowling. The Final was a close match with the pair of Pam Fleming & Julie Rowe overcoming Pauline Peirce & Sandy Seaman.

The Winners, Julie Rowe & Pam Fleming.

The Runners Up Sandy Seaman & Pauline Peirce.

The Plate was won by Lei Beattie & Lyn Plater.



The Mixed Fours started with 14 teams nominating. Played on the 8th & 22nd October there was some good matches. The Final was a close match with the team of Bob Day (Skip), Bill Warner, Linda Young & Thelma Kileff holding off to win from the fast finishing team of Kelly Kay (Skip), Marius Burgler, Robyn Hutchison & Kaye Sewell. After winning the Plate a few times Bob's team was pleased to have finally won the Major.


The Winners with a drink & the Trophy.



Runners Up Kaye Sewell, Marius Burgler, Kelly Kay & Robyn Hutchison.



The Plate was won  by Barrie Starbuck (Skip),Bob Plater, Chris Starbuck & Lyn Plater.





The Men's Pairs Championship this year had 24 teams entering. Weather conditions were good and there were good bowls, but some results didn't go the way things may be expected to. The Final on Sunday 15th October was played between Les Coyne & Les Wilkinson against Keith Guelfi and Graham Johnson in a low scoring game. The eventual winners were Keith Guelfi (Skip) and Graham Johnson.

Keith & Graham with Captain Doug Myer holding Trophy. 

The Plate was between pair of Peter Johnston (Skip) & Bob Paul and Kelly Kay (Skip) & Ron Summers, with Peter & Bob winning the Plate.

Well done fellows.




This event finished in the 12th October. From all reports the  the bowling standard was excellent, showing that the Veteran staus had not diminished their bowling ability.

The Winner was Lei Beattie, who overcame Runner Up & last years winner Judy Morgan. The Plate was won by Bev Farrow who was successful against Maree Scanlan. Well done Ladies.









Once again the Finals for the Ladies & the Men were played on the same day. This format has proved very popular in the past, but timing has not always allowed this to happen. The Finals were played on Sunday 26th February in good weather with a steady breeze keeping the temperature reasonable & proving tricky with controlling the bowls at times. 

A large crowd enjoyed the high standard of bowls.

 Action on the green.




The Ladies event was won by Lynne Plater who had a good day out when she beat Margaret Hall, who admitted to being off her game and not playing to the high standard that had got her to the Final.

Lynne Plater.


Runner Up Margaret Hall.

The Plate was won by Kaye Sewell. 

Kaye Sewell.


The Men's Final was won by Keith Guelfi who managed a big fightback to beat Alan Gribble. The game was all Alans' in the early stages and he had a good lead. Keith was stuggling with the wind at times, so changed to the wide hand and staged a big come back to win. 

Winner Keith Guelfi.

Runner Up Alan Gribble.

The Plate was won by Peter Nicolay, who beat Rod Johnson in a tight game. 


With only two Novices they played the best of three format, with Jill Gumbleton winning against Jeanette Brockman. The appreciative audience enjoyed a good standard of bowls, considering the experience of the pair. They will go a long way in the game. Jill was presented with her Trophy in conjunction with the Single Finals on 26th February.

Winner Jill Gumbleton.



This event was completed on Sunday 29th January in good conditions and with a sizable audience who enjoyed the high standard of bowling.

The Championship was won by Keith Guelfi  with Ron Summers Runner Up. The Plate was won by Bob Plater.





Completed in conjunction with the finals of the Veteran's event, six players contested in a Round Robin format. The Final was played by the section winners, with Gene Sputore beating Peter Brown.  Considering it was a Novices event, some excellent bowling was enjoyed by the appreciative spectators. These players will be big improvers in the future. 





The last of the season's Teams Championship was played on 14-15th January. 16 teams entered which was a good effort.

The eventual winners were Barrie Starbuck, David Armstron, Peter Johnson & Peter Brophy.

Runners Up were Les Saunders, Dick Howlett, Bill Robinson & Keith Granger.

The Plate was won by Bernie Hett, Rod Gumbleton, Peter Nimmo & Bob Plater.

Fours Winners.





This event was held before a large crowd who enjoyed the high standard of bowling, even though conditions were tough with the strong wind on the day.

The Winners were Shirley Mulcahy, Robyn Hutchison & Edith Trewren.

Triples winners

 Runners up were Kaye Sewell, Lyn Plater & Jacki Henry.

 Triples runners up

The Plate Winners were Pam Fleming, Joy Garnham & Vicky Bowden.

Plate winners 






The last Championship for  the 2016 calendar year was completed on Sunday 11th December. Once again as sometimes happens in the Triples, there was an upset result, with the team of Brian Barrett, Phillip Anning & Peter Jamieson winning over the fancied David Armstrong, Les Saunders & Don Gooch.


In the Plate, Bruce Walter, Ashley Kemble & Ron Summers defeated Bob Day, Dick Howlett & Ed Walker.


There were some good bowls played all day, well done.


 The Winners.


 Winners Peter Jamieson, Phil Anning & Brian Barrett.



This event was concluded on the 8th December, 2016. A good field had contested this event and the Final was played before a large, appreciative audience.

The Winners were: Pauline Peirce, Robyn Hutchison, Joy Burkett & Lyn Plater.


Runners Up were: Lei Beattie, Jeni Stretton, Kelly Crooks & Eileen Proctor (sub for Patsy Smith, ill).


The Plate was won by: Coral Anning, Pam Harman, Jenny Ditchburn & Edith Trewren.




The first Championship for 2016/17 was concluded on Sunday 9th October. Played in miserable weather, players were tested with cold & windy conditions. The Championship was won by the team of Jenni Stretton (Skip), James Butt, John Lysaght & Nadine Butt. Runners Up were Bernie Hett (Skip), Rod Gumbleton, Patsy Smith & Jill Gumbleton. 

The Winners.


 Runners Up.

 The Plate was won by Bob Day (Skip), Bill Warner, Linda Young & Thelma Kileff.

 Well done all.


This event concluded on the 13th October, 2016. Played in reasonable conditions, the audience enjoyed some good bowling.

The Winner was Judy Morgan, Runner Up was Faye Smythe. The Plate Winner was Kaye Sewell & Runner Up Thelma Kileff.


The 2016 Championship was concluded on Sunday 23rd October. A good field played over two days, with the Finals on Sunday afternoon.

Some excellent bowls were played, but there can only be one Winner. The winning pair were the team of Jack Groves & David Madigan, who were too good on the day to beat Peter Nicolay & Jeff Allen.

 Runners Up Peter Nicolay & Jeff Allen.

 In the Plate it was a close competion, with the pair of John Trewhwella and Alan Gribble just overcoming Gary McCarthy & Laurie Scanlan.


This event was concluded on 10th November, in cool blustery weather with a few rain delays.

The Winners were Robyn Hutchison & Jan Dean. 


 The Runners Up were Patsy Smith & Kaye Sewell.


 The Plate was won by Lei Beattie & Lyn Plater.